CYCLE & Morning Breath @ Ad Hoc Gallery

Okay seriously? 

we. love. ad. hoc. gallery.

We are LOVING what they're doing, what they're about, and who they are supporting in this community of contemporary artists. Every single one of their upcoming shows through to Jan 2010 has a sexy purple parking spot on our iCal.

*if you knew how we felt about Brooklyn, you'd understand how epic that was.

**don't get us wrong, we don't hate Brooklyn... but a gnarly roommate experience soured us on BK for a bit - we're over it ;-)  /TMI moment.

Sooooo, in the spirit of our street art obsessions this week - we got into Morning Breath & CYCLE's show at Ad Hoc on Sunday.

*psssssh CYCLE and SWOON in one week? Get into what we're into, kids. It will give you life, that's a promise.

We are loving this street art/graphic design fusion into the world of fine art. We've had numerous debates with some of our more conservative peers about the "place" those particular genres hold in the contemporary art world and artists like CYCLE and Morning Breath (the duo Jason Noto & Doug Cunningham) are the reason why. The work in this show was undeniably art. Case. Closed.

*case. closed.

[ *yli ]

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